Where Parents and General Contractors in Fayetteville Unite Against Racism

Welcome to Anti-Racist Parent. Our mission is to create awareness about racism in Fayetteville NC and surrounding communities and to teach out the values of unity with our children. As Parents and General Contractors in Fayetteville NC, we are the leaders in our community. Racism has been going on for centuries and continues to be a problem in society today. We need to teach future generations that a person’s value isn’t judged by the color of their skin, beliefs, gender, or disabilities they may have. Anti-Racism values need to be taught to the new generations so that we can finally abolish something that has plagued society for so long. The video above showcases racism that is prevalent in todays society. As you can see, there are certain distinct characteristics that are looked at and judged, even if the person was seen or not. This means that although not explicitly shown, racism and discrimination is embedded in people.

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Racism is already embedded into the generations living through it now. We MUST raise our kids in a unified and unbiased manner. They are the only ones who can eliminate it. As parents and general contractors in Fayetteville NC, we need to be the leaders within our community to stop the racism plaguing our communities, and make that difference worldwide.