About Anti-Racist Parent & General Contractors

Our mission is to create awareness about racism within our communities and to teach out the values of unity with our children. Racism has been going on for centuries and continues to be a problem in society today. We need to teach future generations that a persons value isn’t judged by the color of their skin, beliefs, gender, or disabilities they may have.

We know that racism, discrimination, prejudice, and all the other forms anti-social subject matters will not go away overnight. It will not go away during our lifetime, and it may not even go away during our kids lifetime. What we can hope for is that one day we will have a nationwide change that will unit everyone together, regardless of their race, gender, age, disabilities, etc.

The change has to start someone, and what better place to start than your own community? If communities start to create awareness and start to teach the new generations the values of unity, and togetherness, we all can live in a better place.

North Carolina contains fast-growing cities and economies. With the expansion of Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Raleigh, and the other surrounding cities, North Carolina has become a popular destination for all sorts of demographics. When it comes to expansion, general contractors are called upon to develop cities and towns. General Contracting services are a booming business in this every growing state and continues to be.

Anti-Racist Parents are groups of parents and General Contractors in the Fayetteville NC, Fort Bragg and surrounding area that support anti-racism and discuss ways to make our communities a better place. You will find the latest news regarding the subjects and discussions related to resolving this nationwide epidemic.

If you would like to get involved in the fight against racism and discrimination, please head over to the our support the cause page